Can't "Pick A Device" in "Add a Tile" in Dashboard

Hi, I created a new blank dashboard today, trying to add new tiles to it. On the "Add A Tile" screen, I see the all devices in the list. But for some odd reasons, I cannot pick any of them. You can see from the screen, I can't click on any of them to select. I can do that with the "Pick a template" column without problem. This is very odd, I created many dashboards before and never had this issue. Only 2 things I did recently: 1) update to the latest release; 2) Add HubConnect to connect with my cottage hub. I don't think any of these will cause the issue. But this happens to both my server hub and client hub too. Both are on the same release Does anyone has the same issue? Any idea what went wrong?

I am not seeing this. However, there is a bug in that the "Pick a Device" highlighting is much lighter than the "Pick a Template" highlight.

Here I selected Hub Information in the first column, and Attribute in the second column. The first column is very faint and with my monitor or phone brightness turned way up, it washes out to where you can't really see it. This is with my brightness a bit lower than most normal monitors would be.

pick device

It is possible this is what is happening?

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@neonturbo Bingo, you are right on! I tried to click on one device, it won't show any different color on screen, but when I proceed to add. It shows up correct on the dashboard. Thanks for pointing that out. Just wondering has anyone report that bug yet? Hopefully it will get fix in next release. Thanks again for your help!

I have often been caught on the highlighting issue. Drives me crazy :wink:

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