Can't pair half my devices

I have a ton of Leviton Z-wave switches. I can only pair the devices that are local meaning 25 feet. After that it will not recognize the device. I know about exclusion and inclusion but the hub will not recognize a bunch of devices. If I take the plugs and move them close they work but if I move the plugs too far away they do not respond. HELP. Do Z-Wave repeaters work? There is also a setting on Hubitat for each switch, for Hub Mesh Enabled that are all set to off. Should these all be on? I just came over from Wink and need a little help please.

Depending on the age of the device they may not be able to use the network inclusion method (i.e. via repeater) , and may need to be included closer to the hub to be included (also can use a z-stick as a secondary controller if you have one and include that way - exception:locks). Once they are included they can communicate back through the repeaters.

The Hub Mesh setting is used when you have two or more hubs and want to let another hub see the device.


Just migrated from Vera. Had a load of legacy Leviton devices (In wall dimmers and scene controllers) I was able to pair everything but I had to get a (very) long ethernet cable and move the hub from room to room to complete the inclusion. The Dimmers appear to work, the scene controller are reconginzied but I have reprogrammed them yet.

I was thinking about this. It should be possibe to configure a laptop to connect to WiFI and then bridge the ethernet port. You should then be able to get an 'cross-over' network cable and power the Hub from the laptop's USB Port... You should them be able to move the hub around the house. Thought experiment only..


Many will use a WiFi extender with an ethernet port for this type of exercise.


A Ethernet over Powerline kit would also work in most cases..


Or MoCA adapters if you have coax nearby...

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I have a large number of old Leviton Z wave switches and old GoLinear switches.

They must be paired when within range of the hub. I've found a good distance is 3 or 4 feet.

So far I've gone from Vera to a Hubitat C4 and then a Hubitat C7. In each case the above was true.


What are the models of the GoLinear?

They are old dimmers, I think WD500Z or something close to that.

I have a bunch (20ish) of those in use working great with the built in generic driver.

Franken-Hubitat :slight_smile: Mated with a Cisco Wireless Bridge and a Omni-charge USB and 120V power bank.. Come to think of it the original

Vera did solve this problem slightly more elegantly :slight_smile:

I just used an Aeon Labs Minimote to exclude all my devices. If you pair the minimize to Hubitat, you can also use it to include all your devices.

And being a remote, it is simple to walk to each device with it in hand.