Can't migrate to Thermostat Scheduler 2.0

Just updated to HE 2.3.3 and was able to migrate from Mode Manager Legacy to MM 2.0.

I don't see same option to migrate in Thermostat Scheduler 2.0. If I do an export in TS Legacy and then try to import into TS 2.0 I just get another instance of TS Legacy.

Hopefully I'm just being dense. Any help is appreciated.

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There is no migration feature.

Ugh, could swear I saw it in the release notes. Thanks

You don't have to set up a new one if you don't want to, You can keep what you have and it will continue to work as it has. That is in the release notes.

Yeah thanks. I glossed over the fact that a recommendation to upgrade is not the same as claiming there's a migration tool.

The new app is simply a lot easier to use than the old. A migration would have been super difficult, as the way that days of the week is handled is completely different. The same outcome can be set up.

I have rules for my thermostat, but I see that I can eliminate about 8 rules with Thermostat Scheduler. I’ve already made my schedules and paused my rules to test.

Can we get “off” as an addition to Heat Cool Fan. Want a period of time for my system to be in an off condition. If I go into my thermostat device there is an OFF button that when pressed and I go to the actual thermostat it says “system off”
Right now it’s 55 degrees outside and I want my windows open and no Heat, AC or Fan so I don’t see any way to not have my system running as the minimum heat temp is 67, which is also too high for the winter when we let it drop to 62 at night.

I also have “off” as a thermostat dashboard button drop-down option ( as well as emergency heat )

This sounds like something that belongs in a rule, not in Thermostat Scheduler. In general, Thermostat Mode (includes Off) is not something that is set every day on a schedule. Are you saying that every day at some time you want to turn off the thermostat?

I live where the Spring / Fall weather is a bitch. We have about a month of Spring / summer / fall / winter randomly all in 4 weeks. We go from ( yesterday daytime ) it was 82 and sunny and last night 47. Today will be 77 and a UV index of 10. If I open my windows for the next 4-5 weeks the AC will run during the day and the heat at night ( not what I want, ) ( yes it’s a little warm some days, and cool some nights but we get to open this box we call home and let in some fresh air ) the low set point I can’t seem to change below 67 in TS.
So. I want TS setup by time 0000-2359 and to be also set to mode Spring / Fall to be OFF when I activate the Spring / Fall ( which I have a rule to change to winter mode ) if a frost is predicted ( which sometimes happens ).
So, the physical thermostat has an OFF position, the thermostat Device in Hubitat has an OFF button and my Dashboard has a thermostat button with drop-down with OFF included. Everything else is there, just give those of us that need it an OFF that option so I’m not heating and cooling the whole yard.

Maybe this'll help.

In Rule machine I made a rule where opening an external window or door will (via contact sensor) set the thermostat to OFF and the Thermostat Scheduler to HOLD. If you don't set to HOLD it'll revert to AUTO on the next schedule change.

Then when the door or window is closed the thermostat is set to ON with Thermostat Scheduler HOLD is released.

That seems like a solution.

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