Cant migrate from C7 to C8

Ok So just got my new C8 hub and when following setup/migration process HUB wont show up. Had to hold down reset button for 7 seconds and then used IP scan program and can now get to new C8 hub via IP address only as using or still doesnt find C8 hub.

So using IP address was able to click on cloud restore but I am not seeing any cloud backups that I took from my C7 hub earlier today before shutting it down.

I have powered my C7 and when checking backups I can see one called migration but no file size, is this normal?

Looks like your cloud backup didn't get saved for whatever reason. I went back and looked and mine is still available. It shows it as a cloud backup of my C5 that I migrated from. I also have the item with no size, not sure what that represents. The C5 backup is what I used to migrate though.

Cloud backup didn't appear until I registered my C8. Did you register it?

So do I have to setup as new first in order to register?

As during restore process its asks me to login and then says Hub registered successfully but if I go under my account I dont see new C8 Hub details at all

What platform version are you on? Do you have any vlan's going on?

Current C8 is on according to the diagnostic tool, and yes I am using vlan's but both my computer and C8 are on the same vlan. My C7 unit is also on the same vlan and that has been working without any issues

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You should be on Update it, reboot and see if your issue is corrected

Ok so I am going to have to set it up as new Hub first, update and then try restoring my C7 backup as only way I can update. As update via diagnostic tool doesn't work

Sounds like the hub isn't seeing the internet. It should be able to download the update via the settings menu or :8081 regardless of registration. That problem needs to be solved first. Are you using a static ip or a DHCP reservation for it?

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The very first time I powered hub up it never got any IP via Ethernet. And wifi was not working either as I couldn’t see any SSID being broadcast by Hub as per guide( I did unplug Ethernet cable before trying wifi)

I had to hold down reset button for about 10secs and then Ethernet started working and I could see it getting IP via my router.

I think maybe this hub is DOA and I am now waiting for a replacement unit. Will report back once I get replacement unit.


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backed up c7; removed and started up C8; registered and set fixed address and name the same as my former c7. I had subscription backup but no backups are shown for c8.
C7 reboot failed with error 500. Any suggestions on how i can recover my c7 cloud backup to apply to my C8.

If you did the migration the cloud backup is still there, but best thing would be to do a soft reset through yourhubip:8081 and restore for a previous local backup. That should brinig you back into line on the c7.

Thank you, from diag menu I reset my c7 and it’s operational now. I downloaded the c7 cloud backup and restarted c8 then restored local backup. Now it seems bricked, won’t boot to diagnostic. Possibly you can only migrate from cloud backup? My c7 is covered under cloud management.
Glad to have my c7 function back