Can't Login to Hub without powering down

Just about every other time I login to the portal my hub doesn't show up. At first it was only every couple days. Now it's about every other time I login. I get a message that says I have to power my hub down and back up. I can't keep doing that.

Can you clarify what you are logging in to.
Is it your hub UI?
Is it the website we log into when we first register the hub?
If it's the later I'm not sure why you need to log into it.

Logging into portal. I'm still in process of setting things up, installing devices, apps, etc. Have to do it a little at a time. I can login ok, but my hub then doesn't show up on the list. Just a message to power down. When I do that a few minutes later the hub shows up on the list. I don't have to login again.

OK. When you log into the hub UI does everything still work OK.
I logged into the portal when I first got the hub to register it and have had no need to log into it again.
What are you trying to do in the portal?

The only time I use the portal is to setup a new hub. Otherwise I navigate to the hubs URL directly. If you don’t have a reserved IP assigned via your router based in the hubs MAC address I would advise you set that up.

So what you are saying I should just use the ip address and not the portal? Guess I didn't realize that. I do have the router set for reserved ip, so no problem there.

Yes, just use the ip address you have assigned to your hub.
The portal is for initial registration / setup only.


Be sure to check out the docs wiki, as it explains a lot of these things and others that you'll find useful as you're learning the platform.

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