Can't log into portal and HE hub not working

So yesterday morning, I noticed that none of my automations or switches that require zwave were working. I then tried to log into the hub portal and couldn't get to the page. Google chrome just said failed to load web page. All day, it didn't work.

At night, I decided to log into the diagnostics menu. I then restarted the hub from there and it worked only got it to stop working again this morning. I have no idea what's happening with my hub. Any one have ideas on how to fix this? Planning to contact support but I recognize it's the weekend and don't want to have to wait till next week to get this fixed.


There's not much in the way of clues in that.. but the two I pick out are: Worked a while, yesterday isn't too far back but then again if it failed everyday prior, yesterday's fail wouldn't have been out of the ordinary.. so I'm guessing it's been running fine for "a while" like more than a week.

Second, the main platform software was hung, but the Diagnostic Tool was available.

Makin' me throw a dart and suggest.... Soft Reset.

A Soft Reset is a great option for these events because it's pretty benign. It's a backup, reboot and a restore, with the result being a DB that has been cleaned along the way. :slight_smile:

But yes, create a Ticket..

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A while is many months...

I'm going to do a soft reset now after rebooting the hub... Hopefully that clears things up. Thanks