Cant log in to register new C8 Hub

When I am asked to log in to register my new C8 Hub, I enter my email and password, but I always get "incorrect username or password" error. So I reset the password using the code from email and then try again, but it still shows "incorrect username or password". Very frustrating that I can't even register the new device. I also carefully checked case on email address and password. Anyone else having this problem? Converting from the C5 hub. And I disconnected the C5 hub before connecting the C8 hub if that matters. Also successfully downloaded in installed the firmware updates for the C8. But can't get past the registration.

I believe your username must be all lower case. There also are a few special characters that can cause problems.

@bobbyD can walk you through the process if that's what it is.

Hi Eric, Thanks for your reply. The prompt indicates to enter my email. My original notes on this indicate that I used "". When I request a password reset using this email address, everything seems to work okay. I can also log into my Hubitat account with these credentials just fine. I can see both hubs listed when I use find hubs (which is a bit strange because the C5 hub is no longer connected to the network - maybe because my router still has the static IP address for the C5?), But when I try to use my login credentials when following the migration instructions, I cannot get past the username and password. Do I need to create a different account for the new Hub? I think I'll try the old "shut down everything and restart routine" next.

No, and actually if you do you won't be able to migrate. You might try changing everything to lower case just to be consistent. Not sure if that's an issue or not.

All lower case does not work. And (as expected) restarting everything did not work.
Here are more details ...
I get to step 6 of the process ,,,

This does not show any hubs. But when I use advanced search, the C5 (which is no longer connected to the network) and the C8 (which is connected) show up. I click to connect to the C8 hub which brings me to a sign-in screen to register the hub. This is where I am stuck. Argghh.

I also had caps in my username (e-mail). Bobby indicated that was the problem. We went through a little dance to re-create my username in lower case. I don't feel comfortable that I remembered all the steps so I would prefer to not lead you down that path. Bobby should be able to help.

I think the uppercase issue was some remnant of older social media linked accounts that had been converted to Hubitat accounts or something? So it was not effecting everyone, only certain cases.

But OP issue sounds the same as the others that had that issue.

Mine was never a social media account but Bobby indicated they had, until fairly recently, grand-fathered us CAP users in. I think I just missed the announcement.

Just to be very clear. I can sign-in to my account with no problems, I just can not sign-in when trying to register the C8 at this screen:

Exactly my symptoms.

Look for a direct message from me.

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Did you get this taken care of?

He is in the process of... :wink: You called it, same issue as your account.

Thanks for your help!
We Millers look out for each other.

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