Can't join Yale Living z-wave lock

Hi Guys-

I have 2 of these locks and the first one joined up and is working fine. The second one however, gets found on join but shows up with status "UNKNOWN" in hubitat devices.

I thought there might be an issue with secure join or something so I brought the hub over to the device to try to join it that way. It's discovered more quickly but still never seems to complete the secure join and stays "UNKNOWN". I bought them both at the same time and afaik they're identical. I've even tried a factory reset on the 2nd lock with the same results.

Any ideas?

Maybe try rebooting your Hub once and then try to join the second lock again. I had an odd situation with one of my Z-Wave smoke detectors and rebooting the Hub did the trick. Coincidence? Who knows...was one of those "Why Ask Why" moments.

Funnily enough I have rebooted the hub since trying to join it, so I'll go ahead and try again.

I'm running webcore, and while there was a bit of a learning curve in how to do that on hubitat, its working pretty well. The one sticking point however is startup. I've found that I have to start my webcore rules one at a time or the whole hub gets wedged. The end result is that reboots are a chore.

We really need a tool that pauses all pistons then un-pauses them one at a time on boot.