Can't get built-in TP-Link driver to find Wifi bulbs and dimmer

I saw the note regarding the deprecation of the Community TP-Link driver in favor of the built-in driver. I have just updated the firmware in my C7 to the latest:

I've removed all the TP-Link devices that I had been using with the community driver, uninstalled that, so I'm getting a completely clean start. I went to "Add New Device", "Find by brand", entered "TP-Link" and found only one device available: a Zigbee motion sensor.

Have all the TP-Link Kasa WiFi devices been removed from the built-in integration, or am I missing some other crucial step?

Just tested on my C7 Hub. It found all of my devices (just verifying).

The code is essentially the same as the former community driver (both written by me). Some minor changes. I suggest you (1) reread the installation instructions and make sure you followed all steps, and (2) turn the devices on/off just prior to starting the discovery process.

Most common cause is that your Hub's segment is different from the Kasa devices.