Cant find Zigbee/wifi bulbs for hubitat

Sengled for Zigbee, Kasa for wifi. I am almost 100% certain Kasa will have large sales around black Friday. They are always a popular sale item.

I'm a big fan of the Kasa KL135s. Almost as bright and almost as accurate as LifX bulbs at like 20-25% of the price. They are WiFi but there's built in support for Kasa on HE. I have had a lot of color bulbs. Curious about newer matter ones though... Oh and as @jnosa899 mentioned good sales. In fact right now a 2-pack of KL135s is under $20 which is a steal TBH.

I picked up those Nanoleaf bulbs he linked to above. So far I am rather pleased with them. I haven't been big into RGB in the past, but I've been playing with some of the scenes with them and I must say the colors are very rich. They seem to be responsive. So far I'm not having any issues. I haven't tried any of the transitions like @bertabcd1234 mentioned, I may get to that tonight if I get a chance. The scenes are nice, but to use their preset scenes I believe you still need to use their app. I have one in a spot that has traditionally been weak, one of the outer points in my house. the Zigbee bulbs there were spotty at best. So far it seems to be working as it should. I will also add we tend to like the warmer colors, and these bulbs will definitely go there. the one in our bedroom we ave set at 2150k. Give a very nice calming effect.

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I find that the INNR bulbs are the best because they repeat. They are still available on Amazon.

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I've bought these before, and they work just fine.

I've found that if something is Zigbee or Z-Wave and at least says it will work with SamrtThings, it will work with Hubitat. Technically I can't say that is the case 100% of the time, but so far I've never had anything listed as either standard not work.

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IKEA have cheap Zigbee bulbs that work with Hubitat

Only the RGB. The white have been unavailable for some time.

Sengled Zigbee Smart Bulbs, Tunable White 2700K~6500K, Hub Required, Dimmable via Wall Switch, Works with SmartThings and Echo Plus with Built-in Hub, Daylight A19 E26, Voice & APP Control, 4 Pack Sorry! Something went wrong!

I just received a pair of KL 135 tp-link kasa wifi bulbs and the color and brightness is good I am able to get them on my 2.4 wifi and control them with my phone but I cannot get them to talk to hubitat with the kasa intergration :frowning:

Sengled has Zigbee bulbs white and color and they are well supported in Hubitat. I have multiple working reliably. Highly recommend them.

I am unable to find any sengled bulbs that are zigbee that are now warm yellow

Did you meant "not warm yellow" ?

Soft white, Daylight, and Color are all available from and

Did you meant "not warm yellow" ?
Yes, was not in a good place yesterday

Here is what I ordered before, I think I am on my 5th or 6th bulb so far, The correct phrase is soft white, My house interior is all grey and the ceiling fans that were installed only have one socket in them so its much darker than I like and with a bulb that is not really white it makes the grey walls look like they have been covered in nicotine.

Thanks for the link, Looks like they are available now, I was not sure if they were discontinued or just out of stock for a long time. I think Ill try one more set, If these do not work I am going to just pitch everything, I have enough stress in my life.

I still wish I could get these Kasa bulbs to work
I really do like the color clarity and price of them, whatever spectrum they are putting out really puts everything in sharp relief. But from what I have read about the the kasa integration is that it has been depreciated and is no longer supported.

I thought @djgutheinz’s Kasa integration was added to the hub firmware as a built-in integration.

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What @marktheknife said. It moved from being a community integration to being built-in.

I thought it did to which is part of the reason I purchased kasa bulbs

As of platform 2.3.3, the Kasa integration is a built-in Hubitat app. Users of the previous community integration may continue using it as-is, or they may migrate to the built-in offering manually. For new users, it is recommended to start with the built-in app.

However if you go to add a device it is not listed anywhere either under kasa or under tp-link when you go to add a bulb

Add the integration as a built-in app first. And then use the app to discover your Kasa peripherals.

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Hubitat's Documentation is quite good (available directly from the top bar of the community here)- here's the Kasa information.


I have tried both third party and built in, it does not detect anything when using any of the methods listed scan from lan or get devices from cloud.

Also the Kasa github information page listed says that it is depreciated.