Can't find z wave devices

Guys, something is wrong, I cannot find any new z-wave devices connected into my house.
I was able to do it one week ago but now I cannot anymore, Hub keep looking for devices but it doesn't find any even though there are 3 new devices ready to be connected.

any suggestions? I have rebooted the hub multiple times, thanks.

The #1 reason the hub can't find ZWave devices to Join is because they have not yet been excluded.

Hubitat, SmartThings, Vera, HomeSeer, all hubs support general zwave exclude. Start it and then follow the manufacturers instructions for initiating exclude.

For Hubitat, general zwave exclude can be found under Settings: Zwave Details: Zwave Exclude.

Even handheld devices like Minimote or Aeon ZStick will do an exclude.

Obviously, you will need ZWave enabled!! (to the right of that screen cap.)

I did that but no success... ZWave is acting weird, I was able to find one smart switch GE, now I rebooted the hub and the device disappeared. I do not really understand. Should not it catch all devices "in real time"?

No, it Joins devices one at a time for ZWave.

Zigbee on the other hand, will discover multiple.

Since it's doing both, Zigbee and ZWave, it spins forever. But for ZWave, it's one at a time.

@filippospez did you ever solve this? I'm in the same situation. Just opened my HE and some Z-wave products. Nothing is being found. I put my Z-wave devices within 2 meters (6 feet) from my HE. One of them I even put within 10 cm (4 inches)! Nothing is discovered.

I've tried excluding them (don't know from what though, since they're brand new), no luck. I've tried rebooting the HE (leaving it out of power for 5 min), no luck. I've updated the HE software, no luck. I've made sure the Z-Wave Status is enabled (@csteele), no luck.

I've contacted Hubitat support (with the same info as above) and the only thing they say is to put the devices closer. Really??!? Is the HE range less than 10 cm?? They did confirm there's no issue with my hardware. But I have no idea where to go from here.

The devices I've tried to pair so far is:

  • Aeotec MultiSensor 6
  • Fibaro Door/Window Sensor 2
  • Fibaro Wall Plug

They are all on the list of Hubitat compatible devices, except perhaps the wall plug - it's US counterpart is on the list, but this is the EU version, which does have another product number than the two listed on your page of compatible devices.

If anyone has an idea of what I have to do, please help! I'm a newbie to smart homes, and to Hubitat. The only thing I've done is to create a Hubitat account, connected the hub to the cloud thingy, and successfully connected some Philips Hue lamps through a Hue Bridge (with the Hue app on Hubitat). But I've bought lots of Z-wave devices, but I don't dare to open more if the Hubitat isn't going to work with any of them...

Thanks for any pointers on what I should do.


I just want to add that I'm having issues with two of the same devices and hub reliability, in general, My setup is relatively complicated in terms of numbers of devices (around 120 right now and intended to be around 150) and the reliability of the system has gotten worse over time (two months). I use Aeotec 7 series repeaters at regular distance intervals, etc. My point here, though, is to add that adding the Aeotec and Fiber sensors has been a nightmare lately. The experience is inconsistent and takes up to 10 min per to try to add, exclude, add, exclude, and then add again.

I have had "new" (from sealed boxes) devices that required either an exclusion or a factory reset before they would pair. It has happened to enough people that it is a "standard" recommendation now. If you haven't done the reset, I would recommend trying that.

I've never paired a device any closer than about 8 feet from the hub (I often put a device on my desk while pairing it and my desk is about 8 feet from my hubs).

That's become my go-to process (exclude first), too, but at least 60% of the time the hub doesn't say it excluded anything - even when I know it has been added to the hub and is in the z-wave device details (albeit, with no details, so I know the add didn't go through). I have tried 8' from the hub, 10", 40'... it doesn't seem to matter.

I don't want to sit here and simply complain. I've worked with Caseta, Smartthings, Lutron RA, etc. They all have their good and bad sides. The problem I'm having is the lack of consistency in any process working most of the time. I'm ready to dive into logs, etc, but the documentation is sparse and last time I had an issue w/ updating the firmware, the "solution" ended up being a release two beyond where my hub was at, but no explanation as to what might have been happening.

I'd be more than willing to reset the whole house, but w/ 120 devices, based upon recommended procedure, it could take me over a week to re-add everything. That's not something I'm ready to do with no indication as to what to do and not do.

What Hubitat hardware? What firmware release level?

Hardware rev C7, firmware rev

Do you have the Z-wave radio set to the matching country that sensors were designed to work in? The C-7’s 700 series Z-wave radio is able to change its frequency based on the country it is operated within to comply with local radio frequency regulations.

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Good thought!

Thanks a lot @Eric.C.Miller !

Are we talking factory reset of the Hubitat or of the devices to be added (can they even be factory reset? I'm a total newbie...).

And can I exclude a device that has never been included?

My Hubitat hardware is C5 (and yes, it's brand new...corona got in the way to open it earlier...), Hubitat Elevation® Platform Version:

@ogiewon It sounds slike mine can't change the frequency then? I bought an EU version so hopefully it should be correct. Is there any way to check?

A C5 EU a hub should have come with an external Z-wave USB radio. The frequency of it will be fixed.

The devices to be included, not the hub.

Yes, using the Z-wave menu in the Settings, you should be able to start a general exclusion mode. Then follow the instructions for your device to complete the exclusion process. Afterwards, you can try to Include them again.

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Assuming that the Z-Wave Details page is where you'd set this, yes. I'm in the USA and all of the devices I've purchased are USA models. To get into more detail:

  • approx 90 of the devices are one of three Leviton Z-Wave switches. Leviton DZ6HD-1BZ (dimmer switch with matching "slaves"), Leviton DZ15S-051-1BZ (non-dimming switch with matching "slaves"), Leviton ZW4SF (4-speed fan control and no "slaves").
  • of the other ~30 devices, 8 are Aeotec Range Extender 7s, a few Aeotec door closure sensors, 4 Ecolink Motion Sensors, 3 Aeotec Multisensor 6s, 2 Fibaro Motion Sensors (the ones that prompted me to even write because I was trying to figure out my latest round of problems). The WORST of all of them are the Schlage (Connect) and Kwikset (916) Z-Wave door locks. I knew that these were problematic from previous experience with Smartthings, but, to be very blunt, they are on the verge of useless (worse than SmartThings) regardless of where my hub is and how I set them up and I might replace all of them with HomeKit devices that run over Bluetooth/BLE...

@ogiewon that explains things!! Haha, yes, there is another USB dongle in the box :rofl:

There was nothing mentioned about this in the "User manual" that was included (a little paper), so I never plugged it in... :relaxed:

Also interesting that Hubitat support didn't mention anything about this, when they did tell me that my hardware looked fine...

Will try it right now!


Five minutes later I had connected all my like a charm!

Thanks everyone for the pointers! And especially @ogiewon :pray: