Can't find rules-4 in the applications list

I try to add a little more complex rule such as when time is between 00:00 and 06:00, and door is open - send an alert to the app.
I succeeded doing so somehow (however I can't reproduce it) but I can't understand how to define Rule-4 application and write my own condition in code editor.
It looks like everything I am doing is using menus instead of just writing a code.
Please assist

It's not clear to me where you actually are, so to make sure you're in the right spot, here's how to create a new rule in Rule Machine:

  1. Click/tap "Apps" in the left-hand menu
  2. If you see Rule Machine listed, click/tap to open it. (If not, choose "Install Built-in App" in the upper right and choose Rule Machine, then return to this step when done.)
  3. You should see a "Create New Rule 4.0" item; this is what you want.

Beyond that, you are correct: Rule Machine is not code-editing. (You can write custom apps under Advanced > Apps Code on the left-hand menu if you need to, but there's a lot to learn for that, and it is not Rule Machine by any stretch.) RM is designed to prevent you from needing to code in the first place.

In Rule 4.0, you'll normally start by defining your triggers, which are events that cause your actions section to run. You then build your actions section by finding the relevant category and actual action for your desired action in the menu structure. It is all menus--clicking or tapping to add or change what you want, though the result it shows you of what you produced is sort of pseudo-code. (Yes, it sometimes takes a lot of clicks to do things, and they're aware of that, but there are limitations to Hubitat's current app UI model that make this about as good as it's going to get for a while. They've made a lot of improvements compared to earlier versions.)

That being said, to get what you want, I'm not sure you need Rule Machine at all. Hubitat has a lot of built-in apps, and I'd recommend resorting to RM only when one of these can't do what you want (or if you prefer to use it instead for some reason). The Notifications app should be able to handle sending an alert between a specific time when a contact sensor opens, and it's a lot less work to set up. If you're new to Hubitat, using "regular" apps first will also give you a good idea of how the UI and event-based model of Hubitat work, which will help in the future if you do use RM (or write custom code).

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thanks for the answer I have succeeded to do it using the rules, but it appears that using Notifications it will be easier.
Just one thing: In the menu it writes "Create new Rule" and not "Create new Rule 4.0", it looks like they changed the title of the button.
Thanks again.