Cant find my hubitat

hi! today i recieve my eufy dual camera with chime and installed them i dont know if its an issue but i did plug my eufy chime to the router via ethernet cable and now when im trying to find my HE hub its just load. any advice? thanks for response! PD: i think my wife unplug the router and my IP might have change any solution for this?

Edit: i did manage to enter my hub via http://hubitat/hub/details found the MAC id and use it on the loggin page but i would have to do every single time like this? or is there any other solutions?

Not sure what login page you had to use the MAC to access your hub. However, you can navigate to http://hubitat/ to access the main page. Also, to identify the (new) IP address you can go to:

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When you select ur hub, there’s a advance options where you can put your Mac, your ip and dnsync. To identify my new ip should I pair as new hub again the old hub?

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