Can't find hub. Locate it with IP Address, but says corrupt database found

I just opened my new nub and went to install it as I want to migrate from smartthings to hubitat. when i attempt to setup the hub in the four step process, it says, cant find hub. when I use the advanded options and find it via the IP address, I can attempt to connect to it. it then says it is rebooting but the green light never turns off and then says corrupt database found. I reboot but it basically repreats this process. how can I set this hub up?

@user2689 Goto yourhubip:8081 and do a soft reset (you need the mac address from the bottom of the hub, include colons) Once that's done you should be able to get in. Once in, update both the platform, then the z-wave stack. Then look here before adding anything


That worked. Thanks so much. I have read the thread you shared and I am not sure I get everything it is saying. I have a robust number of devices in SmartThings, so I will just go at it as I can. Thanks.

Look at the building a stable z-wave or zigbee mesh links in there,... Start with pairing your mains based stuff. Closest to the hub out, then battery stuff closest to the hub out, With z-wave if you have a failed pairing, STOP! Check for ghosts (it's explained in the thread) Remove ghost, factory reset the device and try to pair again. I would turn off your ST while you are pairing things as well.


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