Can't Find Built in Apps in C7 hub

Just meshed a C7 hub into my existing network with my master C5 hub. Went to install the apps I have on my C5 onto the C7. I cannot find the Hubitat Simple Lighting, Let's Get Started, Motion and Mode Lighting Apps n the drop down selection for the Built In App button. How do I get these apps onto the C7?

Is this the first boot? Hub does a lazy load of builtin apps, so may want to check after about 5-10 minutes.


This app has been superseded by Room Lighting. You can recover it by restoring a backup from your C-5 on the C-7.

Simple Lighting is now Simple Automation Rules. But I would recommend Basic Rules instead.


Thanks for the reply. Actually I had to do a soft reset to get the mesh working correctly, and I have done a number of reboots since. I know it can be slow, but that's not the case for this issue. Thanks again...

You are spot on, thanks! Upon further examination, yes they are relatively the same as the previous versions. Gosh wouldn't it be nice if it was documented, but I guess that is why this is fun.

It is.

There are detailed release notes that accompany each platform release, posted in the News and Updates section of the Hubitat community website, linked to below:

Many of us subscribe to notifications of updates.

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