Can't Find add a Z-wave device by QR code in the new Beta App

Well, The title says it all.
I can't find out a way to add a Z-wave device by QR code. I like to use it for a couple of Zooz 4in1 ZSE40

Why- I'm disabled and pulling off a double-tap on Zooz's action button is giving me sheit. Is it me or does the action button seem to be rounded?

If it is in there, can you tell me where?
Its a c-7 Hub running

It's on the bottom, see pic below from manual. You need a paper clip or the tool they provide. Never tried the QR method so I can't help you with that.


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Haa Hee Umm....
What do ya know! worked like a charm, Thanks!!!

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Checking - Are you using the new ZSE40’s (with the 700 chip) or the original ones (with the 500 chip)? The original ones will cause you some mesh issues on the C7. I had 3 and had to move them to an older C7 hub as the new 700 series ones were not available then.

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