Can't find a media player template for dashboard tile

I've integrated my LG tv into HE through this app and now I'm trying to display basic controls in the dashboard. I don't want to create tiles for every attribute to resemble a remote.

I remember of a template for Media Players in the dashboard that I can no longer find. The Music Player template doesn't fit the purpose. I need something with Power - Volume slider - Channel Up & Down - Channel Number - Channel Name.

Is there a way to create/install such template?

I can't give you a straight answer of "do this"..... But to explain the fundamentals... in case you weren't aware...

When us developers, whether they be from Hubitat or the Community, are defining a new device driver we call out what "capabilities" the device driver implements, i.e. what type of device is it that the Hubitat platform recognises. So if we are implementing a switch we need to implement a switch attribute in the "Current States" section and "on" and "off" commands. This means that Hubitat know that they can check this "switch" state and call these "on" and "off" commands throughout the various built-in Apps and even Custom (User) Apps when selecting devices with this capability, including when selecting a dashboard template. By choosing a Swtich template it is expected the switch state attribute will be present and the on/off commands available to call when tapping the tile.

The same is true for those devices that call out that they implement the media-related capabilities, Hubitat expects certain attributes and commands to be available for it to utilise from a dashboard.

To answer your question... Maybe the devices you are asking about do not implement all the attributes / commands that are needed that the template expects...

Yes I'm aware of that, but if there isn't a standard Media Player template I can't check even the basic attributes.

With the Switch template I can power on/off; with Music Player template I can set volume level through the slider and mute/unmute (next/prev doesn't work). So probably the device implement the attributes needed but without the right template you can't tell.

You are right that is not obvious. Hopefully this topic will bring some of the capability†.