Can't edit rule machine actions after creating


I created a security rule where when a door is open while HSM is armed, the keypads beep and the sonos speakers say a message.
I then noticed that one of my sonos was mis-configured so i re-added it.
then I wanted to edit the action to include the new sonos but I cannot edit the action. When I click on it I can add more but I can't edit existing.
any suggestions?


anyone? really stuck on this one


Delete the rule and redo it -- that's one suggestion. The other is to show the rule in question so we can see what's up with it, the actions section where you can't edit the action.

You probably need to delete the action that referenced the Sonos, and then re-add that one action.


but is it normal to be in a state where the action can't be edited after it's created?


I can't tell without seeing what you have. If you removed a device that was in an action, perhaps that would be the reason.


I think it's a bug. I hit the same problem on both rule engine 3.0 and 4.0. I was able to edit if I added an action and then just deleted it. That way you don't have to delete the whole rule.