Can't edit rule actions - Error: Cannot invoke method giveClipboard() on null object

I am on RM 5.1. I have a rule that I am trying to change the actions. When I click on the actions all I get is the following:
## Unexpected Error

    #### An unexpected error has occurred trying to load the app. Check [Logs] 
   ( for more information.
    Error: Cannot invoke method giveClipboard() on null object

I can't do anything else but click "done".

I have seen this on other rules recently also. I believe it has to do with switching "Publish clipboard" on and off and copying/pasting code from different rules.

Can anyone tell me how to clear this error so I can edit my rule now?

In my experience once that happens you just got to start over.

Now if it is a rule that has been around awhile you can create a backup and then load a recent backup where it was still working. Then export the rule and then reload your current backup and import the rule. That takes a few minutes to do but depending on how complex the rule is it might be worth it.

I have started doing a file exporting on all my rules about once a month so if this happens I can import just a copy of the rule without having to go through a whole restore.

If you can duplicate what causes the error you should make a test rule and report it.

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Could you please take a screenshot of the Logs for the rule. It will show the error with a line number, and that would be most helpful.

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I noticed that there was a new firmware version available, so I updated to it and the error went away. I don't know if it was the firmware difference or just the reboot that did it, but I can now edit the rule again.

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