Can't delete ghosted devices

C8 v2.3.7.144

I needed to start over so I deleted all my devices doing each individual device a proper exclusion. After all the devices were excluded I saw in z-wave settings there were 6 ghosted devices yet in the Device settings there are no devices. Even looking at the z-wave graph it only shows the hub. Big red dot.. Some devices show repair some show both repair refresh.
How do I get rid of these devices before I start the inclusion process. I've tried a soft reset to no avail, I pressed the button on the bottom of the hub for 10 seconds. When the hub restarted all the ghosted devices disappeared but after a few seconds they all came back.
I remember one time seeing a reset for the z-wave radio where you had to type reset. I couldn't find that anywhere. Can some explain how to delete them so that I can start fresh.

Tagging @bobbyD from Hubitat Support. I know that there are some changes being made with respect to how the Zigbee and Z-Wave will be allowed to be reset as of the 2.3.7.x firmware. I think those changes are still in progress.

If you do not want to wait, I believe you should be able to revert back to a 2.3.6.x version of the Hubitat firmware, then reset your Z-wave radio in the Z-Wave Settings page, and then update to the latest 2.3.7.x platform version again.


@blaznspd2004 That is the quickest way to get the Z-Wave reset back. After you reset the radio, you can update again.

Thank you for the quick response. I reverted back to 2.3.6 version, reset was there, and all the ghosted devices were gone. I'm hoping hubitat will come out with software to delete this type of problem cause this has happened to me once before awhile back thats how I remembered about the reset.

Also another quick question, I'm planning on buying another c8 and plan on giving this one to a family member but I want to keep my email for the new device how do I go about deleting this account to this particular c8 hub.