Can't Delete 'FALSE' Condition

I mucked up creating a conditional action and thought I had fixed it but I'm stuck with a strange FALSE that I can't seem to get rid of. Any ideas or is this a bug?

Although it is there and it is annoying, it will not be causing any issues.
It is a condition that has somehow got screwed, (did you click back at any time instead of done), but as you are not using it in any action/condition of your rule, it does nothing.
The only way I know of getting rid of it is delete the rule and redo the rule from scratch.

If you click on the Manage or Create Conditions and then pick the option to Delete Conditions FALSE isn't showing there? I just cleaned up some like this the other day but they were more complete than FALSE.

This causes so many questions it would seem like when the rule is saved it quick cross check against that list verses what is actually being used could be done and then that list of conditions could be cleaned up at that time. Maybe that's on a future enhancement list.

No, FALSE is not listed under the Delete Conditions drop-down.

Well like bobbles said it will not hurt anything it's just distracting and sometimes confusing when you see it there.

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I know. :frowning: That's why I suggested the delete and redo of the rule.