Can't Connect to Hub

We had a power outage this evening, and now I can't connect to my hub. It's not showing up in the portal / discovery page. And I can't connect directly to the IP address either (i found the IP address by logging into my router, and looking for the MAC address). The IP address is a 169.254 address rather than a 192.168 address that I'd expect? Help?!?

169 is auto assigned IP.. Usually this means the device didn’t get a response from your DHCP Server..

Try disconnecting the ethernet cable from the hub and re-connecting.. Without pulling the power cable.. This should hopefully let it get a new IP

That didn't work I'm afraid. Same self-assigned IP results. I'll try power cycling the mode, router, and hub i guess

Yea.. Restarting the router is not a bad idea.. For some reason it is on your network but not getting an IP from your router’s dhcp server

Still getting the same self-assigned IP after power cycling everything. All other devices seem to be ok. Just the hub is having problems. Any other ideas?

I’m out of ideas.. At this point I suggest opening a ticket

I don’t know enough about the startup processes to guide you any further..

Thanks. Only other thread I found was below, and it just started working for them after 10 tries, so guess i'll get on that while i contact support....

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Do you have another device, like a laptop, that you could connect the ethernet cable that plugs into your HE Hub.
Leave the wall end attached and swap the HE for another IP device.
This is to confirm that something else connected to that cable/port etc can get a assigned IP address, via DHCP.