Can't connect to hub on phone in Chrome

So, this is bizarre. I cannot connect to my hub on Chrome on my Android this morning, even though it was working up until yesterday. However, I can connect to it using:

-Chrome on my desktop
-The Hubitat App
-The Hubitat Dashboard Android app, and
-My Remote Admin google shortcut

I've rebooted the hub and my phone, and still no go. I haven't updated my hub yet. I can't imagine why this is happening. Any thoughts?

Sounds more like a phone issue than a hub issue. Might want to check to see if the phone is on the WiFi or if it is using cellular data.


Definitely a WIFI issue, might be the phone or might be the router/AP, if the phone is connected to WIFI reboot the router, sometimes the WIFI signal is present but it's locked up for some reason (has a router that would do this every 2-3 months for some reason), many phones will just go to cellular without any warning when they can't access the internet via WIFI.

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