Can't change to ARM Away from Cloud App on Phone

The app seems to not respond to taps/clicks or holds. I'm away and was trying to change it from afar. I was feverishly clicking away and managed to change the status twice, but both times to non-useful options... Disarm and Disarm All.

Any help is greatly appreciated. Frustrated

When you click on the HSM tile it should open another window with the options

I do that, but the click action doesn't register. It's hard to explain haha. Maybe I will try on desktop...

One tip that may help is to activate the desktop view in your browser. It may make your dashboard very small but may also allow you to click the option you need more easily. It's saved me a few times on various sites while on a mobile device. On Chrome, just click on the 3-dot menu and set the 'Desktop Site' toggle on.