Can't change device name using iPad

I do most of my Hubitat-ing using an iPad, first thing in the morning as I read this forum, read an online newspaper, etc. In doing so, I tried to update the names of some Ecowitt sensors. Unfortunately, "clicking" (selecting) the device name in the Devices section doesn't cause the keyboard to pop up using a browser (Safari), so you can't change the device name. Seems like a bug.

Turn off your iPad, and turn it on again.

Should work.

You will see your keyboard pop up again.

Thanks for the idea, but no, doesn't work.
However, I found that if you enter a value for the device label, THEN you can adjust the device name. Seems odd, but maybe that's by design. Anyway, it's at least a workaround.

If its a child device, it was possibly created as a Component, which locks the Name and DNI.
The Label is the "friendly" name so that's what I would update anyway.

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That's probably it. Anyway, I can change the name if I first change the label, so all's well. Just another little quirk of tech.