Can't add Zwave stuff from ST

I have excluded the GE plug-in switches in ST and then added the device in HE. It found the device but just sits on intializing forever.

Haven't even tried to add my hue bridge yet since I have this issue to overcome.

try excluding them in HE and adding them again. Try resetting the switches before trying to add.

In my opinion, based on moving over 300 physical devices over from SmartThings, there are still some issues to work out in the device pairing process.

I had easily 100+ devices that froze on initializing for 5+ minutes. A few stuck on initializing for 15 or more minutes leading me to reboot the hub.

Another anecdotal observation, the larger my system grew the longer pairing took. Another concern is that I had to reboot the hub far too many times during the migration to keep the process moving.

I have three GE Outdoor plug in outlets and two gave me the same issue too. They all excluded easily from ST but two are having a spinning issue and not wanting to join the HE system easily. One of three immediately connected no issue. All three are located within 10ft circle of my pond next to the house patio. I don't think it's an issue with HE as much as it is with the GE plug.

I saw a similar behavior with my three Schlage locks. All three excluded easily but only one connected with HE easily. The other two never could after three days. I got new locks (same models) and both connected on the first try. I am more inclined to think that some of the older zwave products especially the Schlage locks have been improved?

I had this issue with 3 of my ge switches. I put smartthings back into exclusion mode and tapped up down up. On the switch. Seems stupid, even though they were not technically connected to smartthings. Then I did the same with hubitat exclusion mode and did the up down up. They paired right up. I'm not sure if it meant anything but all three had that same behavior and all 3 paired right up after doing this. Maybe hanging on to something orphaned? I'm definitely no expert. Just communicating what I did.

I’m constantly amazed how well the aeon labs z-stick excludes stuff.
I use it everytime I want to exclude something that has been on ST and it never fails.

Before using this, I had a couple of devices that had been excluded on ST AND HE but would just not join.
Once the z-stick did it’s work the devices joined easily.

Once charged up, you can walk around with it and exclude stuff in-place.
Hold the button in until the leds go orange.
Click button in whatever sequence required on device.
Once the leds go blue for a second you know the device is excluded.

Really easy to do.


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