Can't add hue lights in the second hub

Hey folks, I am not sure what's wrong, but looks like the lights discovered by the second Hue hub app don't get added.
I've installed a second instance of the app, it discovered the second hub, I've connected to it, and the "additional Hue Lights" list shows all the lights, but when I click Done after selecting them, the devices are not created, and when I go back to the app, none of them are listed in the "Previously added Hue Lights" section, instead, they are just selected in the "additional Hue Lights" list as I've never added them. The same happens with Groups.

The other oddity I see is that the button "Refresh Bulb Discovery" which exists on the page of the first hub app, doesn't exist on the second. Any advice?

I actually have been having the same issue with my one and only hue hub. I also use CoCoHue and it still works fine so I just switched new installs to that.

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CoCoHue just works!

It does... but realistically I think there is an issue with the default HE integration.


@brad5 I agree and I think that the point should be raised up again. I too do not see the " Refresh Bulb Discovery" link. I can work around this by going in and out of a particular Hue Bridge Integration instance a number of times (I have 4) and eventually I will see the new or renamed lights appear. I can't say with certainty that I never see the Refresh Bulb Discovery link. I can say with certainty that I haven't seen it in at least 5 or so changes that I have made to my Hue setup.