Cant Add/Edit Trigger

I have a rule with 2 triggers, 1) Time 2) Local endpoint
I removed trigger 1 and now the rule wont fire via the local endpoint. I went into the rule to edit the trigger but there is nothing there. I cant see the remaining endpoint trigger nor can I ad a new one. The log shows an error java.lang.ClassCastException: null (selectTriggers)
How do I fix this without having to redo the entire rule??

Restore a backup?

Unfortunately I created this rule this morning, last backup was 6 hours ago. :rage:

Unless you exported the rule, then unfortunately the only option is to recreate it.

This has happened to me several times in the past, usually when I used the back button. That can and often will corrupt the rule. I have had to teach myself not to use the back button when editing rules…


I believe that is what I did. I went into the rule to make a change but backed out instead. Next time, poof.... Corrupted I assume

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It's a shame when you go to edit that it can't make a copy of the rule to roll back to if needed.