Can't access Hub remotely

Hello, I was able to remotely access my Hub after I set up my device a few months ago. But, now (in the app and via a web browser) when I click on "Go to Remote Admin" under Subscriptions it opens a new window, spins for a while and then shows "" didn’t send any data."

If I click on Hub Details, under "Active?:" it says "No". Not sure if that's relevant.

I've confirmed my router and modem at the property are working properly. I just can't access the Hub. I'm trying to do this all remotely as I'm not on site.

Any help is appreciated.

Not much help, but I can verify mine is working properly.

Relevant. That means your hub isn't connected to the cloud. Remote Admin service requires a cloud connection.

@johnbarker36 Likely not connected as @bobbyd pointed out. Did you set a static ip on the device or a DHCP reservation on your router? (the latter proffered). In either case, press the network reset button on the bottom of the hub with a toothpick or paperclip for 7 seconds. (again only resets the network). It will be the only round hole out of all the small ones.

I can't remember whether it was set up as static or DHCP, but I didn't do anything special there, just followed the Hubitat instructions (so, guessing DHCP). It worked fine for weeks and now there's no connection. Any advice on how to keep it from getting kicked off the cloud in the future? Doesn't work to have a remote door lock if I can't reliably access it remotely.

@bobbyD and @rlithgow1 Am I right to understand that the only way I can fix this is with physical access to the hub? (i.e., nothing I can do remotely). Also, any ideas on what would cause me to lose my cloud access? It worked fine for weeks, then I didn't try to access it for many weeks after that (I use it for remote door lock access on a vacation property), and when I tried yesterday I'd lost access. Not sure what I should look for or what changes I need to make to keep this from happening again. Any help is appreciated.

You don't need remote access for this. Just create a dashboard and then access it via direct URL or via the Hubitat app. This is included free with all hubs, no remote access subscription is needed.

The remote access is more for administering the hub remote, not controlling devices.

If you want some sort of a fail safe, I would suggest plugging the hub in via an independent Wifi plug. Then if the hub goes offline for some reason you can force the hub to reboot (turn off/on plug) which usually would bring it back online. You don't want to make it a habit of cutting power all the time, but it works in a pinch.

There is probably too many to list. You did not even specify which hub you have and what firmware it is running. The latest firmware has some reconnection fixes in it.

Other possibilities include, your router restarted and the hub got disconnected, was not able to reconnect for some reason. Hub got low on free memory and locked up. Hub got overloaded by apps/events and locked up.


Can you clarify your comment about what you do or don't need remote access subscription for? I'm relatively new to habitat, and just trying to make sure I can access my hub to see and change device statuses when I'm on a different wifi network than the hub is connected to. Is paying for a remote access subscription necessary for this or is there another way that would be better and/or free?

Thanks so much in advance and apologies if this question has been answered elsewhere!

No subsciption is required to simply monitor/control devices when away from your home network. You can simply use the Hubitat Mobile App + a Hubitat Dashboard to do so.

Here is the link to the Hubitat Documentation for creating a Hubitat Dashboard.

The Hubitat Remote Admin Subscription is a convenient and inexpensive way to be able to perform remote administration of your Hubitat hub when away from home. It provides essentially the same Web Browser based user interface that is available when you are connected to your home network, in a safe and secure manner.


He pretty much said it all. Simply put, Device control can be done for free with dashboards.

Hub administration like editing rules, devices or other apps, you need remote access via vpn or the remote admin subscription.

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@ogiewon I can see how to access my door lock remotely via Dashboards, but only seem to be able to lock or unlock the door, not manage door lock codes. Is there a specific tile template that I should be using for that? The documentation seems to suggest using remote admin service for this. Not sure if that is old advice. Thanks!

I am not aware of any way to manage door lock codes without using the Remote Admin subscription OR by running a VPN server on your home router/network. Both achieve similar results when it comes to having full access to your HE hub’s main web page.

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Great, thanks.

I think there is a way to do this with Rule Machine and variables?

Never tried this, but Bruce seemed to think it worked when he wrote that post above, and it made its way into the documentation. How to use Dashboard to Manage Lock Codes | Hubitat Documentation


Nice @neonturbo! Hopefully that will help @johnbarker36