Can't access dashboard from Android app

I have Hubitat Dashboard installed on the C-7 hub from PC browser. My hub is running firmware version Both "Allow Access to this dashboard via Remote/Cloud links" and "Allow Access to this dashboard via Local IP address links" are turned on from the Advanced setting. I create a dashboard that can be viewed from both Local LAN Link and Cloud Link from PC browser with no problem.

But when I open the dashboard from the android app (version 1.5.1), I got the following error:

{"error":true,"type":"AppException","message":"Not Found"}

My phone is on the same network as the C-7 hub. My phone is running Android 10. I try reinstall the dashboard app on the C-7 hub but it doesn't help. If I use browser on my phone, I can access dashboard. Any suggestion?


Try reselecting your hub from the settings tab, your mobile app may be pointing to a different app id for dashboard (maybe from reinstalling dashboard on the hub).


Cool! This solves the problem. Thanks a lot!

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