Can't access dashboard from Android app

I have Hubitat Dashboard installed on the C-7 hub from PC browser. My hub is running firmware version Both "Allow Access to this dashboard via Remote/Cloud links" and "Allow Access to this dashboard via Local IP address links" are turned on from the Advanced setting. I create a dashboard that can be viewed from both Local LAN Link and Cloud Link from PC browser with no problem.

But when I open the dashboard from the android app (version 1.5.1), I got the following error:

{"error":true,"type":"AppException","message":"Not Found"}

My phone is on the same network as the C-7 hub. My phone is running Android 10. I try reinstall the dashboard app on the C-7 hub but it doesn't help. If I use browser on my phone, I can access dashboard. Any suggestion?


Try reselecting your hub from the settings tab, your mobile app may be pointing to a different app id for dashboard (maybe from reinstalling dashboard on the hub).


Cool! This solves the problem. Thanks a lot!

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I'm having a similar issue where on my S20Ultra I have the habitat app running using 1.6.7 build 126 and when I click on the dashboard link from the bottom of the app I just get a blank screen never to see the dashboards that have been created. Is there something I need to do to make them appear? I don't get any error messages. Thanks.

For me, the IP address in the URL from the app is wrong. Press and hold on the link in the app and then select copy link address. Paste it into a text message so you can see the whole thing. Change the IP to your HE's IP. Then copy paste into your browser.

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