Cannot update firmware of Zen27 dimmer

[] C7

I'm attempting to update the firmware of a Zen27 dimmer. I've successfully updated others but many moon ago.

I get the error when I click the "update firmware" tile.

Any thoughts?

Two things:

(1) it might help to update to current firmware ( is pretty early in the cycle.

(2) I seem to recall someone else having this problem. You could search the forum. The solution, I believe, was to delete the Device Firmware Updater app and add it back. I that step didn’t erase the firmware files to be uploaded, as I recall.

Error I should have written

I'll try removing and reloading the app.


Quick question if you were able to complete this?

I have a few and mine went okay. I'm on HE, just tried with i think is ZEN FW 3.02, but the FW version in the switch info says 3.1. Also, are you also excluding and then re-including when FW update has completed?

I recently updated my Zen27

  1. Update using the built in driver (C-7)
  2. Forced Exclusion from hub
  3. Reset Switch per instructions
  4. Rejoin to Hub


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