Cannot Set Kwikset Codes - Generic ZWave Lock

I'm trying to add a code to two of my Kwikset locks but running setCode() seems to do nothing. I was initially testing with the built in "Generic ZWave Lock" driver but that didn't seem to work.

I modified the SmartThings ZWave Lock driver enough to make it run without errors just to test and that doesn't seem to work either. It seems to come down to the driver running zwave.userCodeV1.userCodeSet(userIdentifier:codeID, userIdStatus:1, userCode:code) which seems to do nothing.

Also I think it's important to note that this worked in a previous firmware version (not sure which one since I don't change lock codes often). Maybe there's an issue here that someone should be aware of?

Has anyone else noticed this or have a solution?

Use the generic z-wave lock driver, click save then click configure (this is a must) Then install the built in lock code manager app and use that to set codes.

Yea that's how I've had it setup for a while now. Just kinda stopped working after one of the updates since I last set lock codes.

I've saved / configured multiple times.

Shut down the hub. Unplug power to the hub (at the wall not the hub) for 5 mins and power back up. See if it clears. Also how does your z-wave settings page look?

Ok so I figured it out...

Seems like there's a max code length on the lock itself I guess. I had it set to 10 in the driver but that doesn't mean you can use anything longer than 8. It was just silently failing :slight_smile:

I guess this is another one where I should have checked the easy stuff first lol



Let me start with,
Folks I brand new to this and eternally grateful for any help
I’m jumping off of Vivint into something I can manage a little better… I’m still learning the Hubitat echo system.

The problem I’m facing.
I have existing Kwickset SmartCode 888 deadbolts
I’ve added them to my system with the zwave inclusion tool. All are visible in the system but only 1 out of 3 will take a command with the keypad.

I’ve reset them 3-4 times each removed them from Hubitat manually and with the exclusion tool performing a hard reset each time.
I’ve reintroduced them into the system in different orders different “rooms”

I’m using the lock code manager to assign the code but no matter what only my back door will acknowledge the command.

I can’t seem to find it anymore but in another thread someone mentioned bypassing the lock code manager and manually entering the info vie device manager… before I call it I’d like to at least try that however I’d like to be sure I’m understanding the “how” first

Once you select the device there a few items you can do
Delete Code which I assume means delete whatever code you enter

Under set code

Code Position
I don’t know what this means

I assume it means the code I’d like to choose

Name of the user

Then we have
Set Code Length
I assume this means how many digits

Someone please correct me if I’m understanding any of this incorrectly
Tell me what Sec Code Position Means

And obviously offer any advice to help with my problem..

Thanks in advance for any help. I’m stoked to be a part of the community!