Cannot "see" parent on dashboard "Pick A Device" list

I have a MonaLisa thingshield I am using as a simple pass through (hence the name is bare Mona Lisa)

I have added a last checkin line to @ogiewon ogiewon code post #14. Now I want to display the lastCheckin date in a dashboard tile.
However the tile "Pick A Device" dropdown does not show the portion of the device that holds the lastupdate data (aka Bare Mona Lisa)

I'm guessing it has something to do with device structure but I have no clue what it might be.
I have a C4 with firmware.

Any suggestions will be appreciated.


Dashboard Tile Pick A Device:

Device Page:

Device Listing:

Did you declare “lastCheckin” as a custom attribute in the driver?

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Yes and two more Status attributes.
All are working in the device page, however when I go to add the "root" device to a tile it is not listed as an option. (root being "Bare Mona Lisa")

BTW I'm going to change the name of the new board to "PassThru MonaLisa"

Of course right not I'm out of commission as I just toasted my MonaLisa board. Luckily I have more.


 *  HaasTI_Zigbee_Parent.groovy   (OPEN for Vista Development)  JohnRob     *
 *  Based on ogiewon's Groovy demo for Mona Lisa board.
 *  2020-08-31 v001 MonaLisa board functions using putty to input commands.  i.e. getADC0
 *    (open)   v002b added last check-in time

import hubitat.device.HubAction
import hubitat.device.HubMultiAction
import hubitat.device.Protocol

metadata {
    definition (name: "Vista-MonaLisa Parent", namespace: "JohnRob", author: "Dan Ogorchock") {
      capability "Actuator"
      capability "Configuration"
      capability "Switch"
      capability "Pushable Button"

      attribute "VStatus", "string"       // sends alarm status preceded with a #
      attribute "ErrStatus", "string"	  // error messages preceded with !
      attribute "lastCheckin", "String"

      command "sendCommand", ["string"] //allows arbitrary command to be sent

        //command "deleteAllChildDevices"  //used for debugging driver only
        //command "gettext"                //used for debugging driver only
        //attribute "text","string"        //used for debugging driver only

    fingerprint inClusters: "0000,0003,0004,0005,0006", outClusters: "0000", profileId: "0104", manufacturer: "TexasInstruments", model: "TI0001", deviceJoinName: "HaasTI Thing"
}  //   ...definition

Are you unable to select the parent Mona Lisa device when defining the devices to be exposed to your Dashboard?

Or, simply unable to select the parent Mona Lisa device for a dashboard tile? If so, choose an “attribute tile”, and I would expect you’d be able to select the parent device, and it’s custom lastCheckin attribute.

I'm good with attribute tiles. The issue is the parent device is not listed. If you look at the 1st screenshot in my post you should see the first device shown is the MonaLisa Parent Contact sensor.
My data is in the (what I have been calling the "root" device. The first device in the Device Listing Screenshot.

Try adding capability “Sensor” to the parent device driver to see if that helps.

That did it ! Thank you.


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