Cannot see hubitat hub on network

I have given the hubitat a fixed IP and registered it in the router DHCP I
List. But network scans do not find it.

Couple questions. First, is the light on the hub green? If so you know it's at least up and running and not in some unknown state. If not, it's a different issue.

Second, assuming you just have one subnet, no VLANs or anything... can you ping the hub's IP? If so, can you get to the hub's diagnostic page at port 8081?

Third, when you say you have given the Hubitat a fixed ip, I assume that means HE is still configured for DHCP but you have a DHCP reservation set up so it always grabs the same ip?


The light is solid green
Network scans nor ping find for the fixed IP address.
The fixed IP is reserved as static in the router.
All other devices are by dhcp.