Cannot rejoin ikea blinds to C8

They have been working great but they stopped working. Funny thing is they check in but will not respond or send position or status. I have factory reset them and the C8 says found and rejoined. however they will not respond or change state.

Any pointers? I have rejoined the ikea repeater that is in the same room, i have rebooted the hub. Next I am going to remove the batteries for a bit and see if that helps. I have 3 in the same room and they are all doing the same thing so makes me think its the hub.

You might want to skim through this thread. Several of us had a similar experience after a firmware upgrade along the lines of "I tried it a thousand times but it still isn't .. oh, wait .. it is responding now." Not sure of the fix, but at one point I was desperate enough to sacrifice a chicken.

[GUIDE] IKEA Firmware Updates - :bellhop_bell: Get Help / Devices - Hubitat

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Thanks I will skim through it. I updated them a while back and they continued to work. Just stopped responding all of a sudden.

I skimmed that thread but I only see posts about having trouble updating the blind firmware. I have added a few ikea repeaters in the house yesterday so maybe thats the problem but the reason I added them is because zigbee seems to be flaky with this C8.

I fully charged the battery for one blind, inserted, tried to refresh, configure, ping...nothing. re-paired it but as usual it shows successful but no info from the blind other than last checkin which is the re-pair timestamp

1 of 3 came back, no rhyme or reason (just lots of re-paring), other than removing the ikea repeater that was in the room. However the other 2 still wont come back so probably just coincidence.