Cannot Register New Hub At New Location Because Email Is Associated With Hub At First Location

Cannot Register New Hub At New Location Because Email Is Associated With Hub At First Location.

I get an error message when I try to register my new hub at a new second location saying my email address is already associated with a another hub.

For clarification, I have a Hubitat at my home registered with my email and working well. Now, I’m putting in a second Hubitat at my vacation home and I would like to register that new Hubitat with my email.

I have Remote Administration and Remote Backup on my original Hubitat and I would like to have it on my second Hubitat. And, I would like to manage it with the same login, or, or at least, not have to create a second email address. But how?!

I’m grateful for any help.


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If you'd like to share the Remote Admin service between your two locations, you will need to register the second hub with the same user account. If you accidentally registered the new hub under a different account, you will need to replace the admin account, to bring both hubs under the same account. The best way to manage multiple hubs is to register all with the same account.

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Thank you @bobbyD

I just figured out my mistake. I was trying to register by filling out the “Register New User” screen without realizing it and not the “login” screen.

When I scrolled down and found the “login” link. I successfully registered the second hub under the same login credentials without a hitch.

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One more thought, remote backup is part of Hub Protect, which has a hub based license. Only the Remote Admin service has an account based license to enable the service to any hubs registered with the same account. If you'd like to enable Hub Protect on the second hub, you will need to subscribe the hub separately. We do offer a multi-hubs discount when purchasing additional licenses:

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@BobbuD, Again, I’m having trouble negotiating the website to get what I need. When I go to the link you provided for getting “Hub Protect” for my new (second) Hubitat, I only see an option to repurchase the combo package with “Remote Administration” and “Hub Protect”.

I don’t see any option for:

  1. Only buying “Hub Protect” for the new Hubitat without also buying “Remote Administration” which I already have.

  2. Nor do I see any discount for buying an additional “Hub Protect” service for a second Hubitat.

Please tell me how to do this.

The link I shared is the introduction to Hub Protect, towards the bottom it explains how to sign up with discount.

To sign up, while logged in to, go the ‘registered hubs’ page, then select "Add Hub Protect" button below your second hub.

In order to get the multi hubs discount, use multi-hubs code at check-out to purchase the additional subscription for only $19.99/year.


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