Cannot reassign room in Homekit if not initially set in Hubitat

I don’t know if this is by design or not, but if I don’t assign a room on a device in HE, it is impossible to change the room in Homekit. The device remains in the default Room.

I haven't found that at all. I usually just edit the device, go down to the gear then change the room.

Forgot to mention. With virtual devices!!! I can reproduce it. The room in HomeKit is set to the default integration room. When I set the new room, HomeKit will revert back to the default room until I assign a room in HE.

I’ll test it with a physical device later on. I’ll add another device to the house. ( I don’t want to mess my setup)

Update. Make sure you have the latest IOS My iPad is at 15.6.1 and is experiencing this problem. Just did the test with my iPhone 16.2. Works ok. The mistery of life.

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There were a lot of changes to homekit in 16.2 so that certainly could be what's affecting things.

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