Cannot reach one of my hubs (moved)

I have 4 hubs at 2 different locations - two at each one of them - and I can't access the hubs on one of the locations.

One of the hubs I'm sure is up and running, since I can access to a dashboard of it.

These hubs are installed at an apartment where I rent rooms (long term rental) and I'm afraid of asking someone over there to power cycle the hubs since I'm traveling now - and I'll stay away for 3 more months - and the problem could gets worse, with the hub not operational at all. It would be a mess, since all lights are controlled by it - not a standard light switch installed.

Is there anyway of "pinging" the hubs so they activate the remote access service?

Help would be appreciated!

Suggest starting a new thread as this one is over a year old and marked as resolved. I'm tagging support.


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Check out this post:

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No, it didn't.

Unfortunately :smiling_face_with_tear: