Cannot log into Hubitat App on iPhone

Hi Everyone,

I am not able to log into the hubitat app on my iPhone. I know my username and password is correct but the app keeps stating "incorrect username or password". I can log in no problem with my iPad which makes no sense.

I've removed and re-added the app on my phone in addition to restarting and updating my phone to the latest iOS version (14.4).

Any idea's on what i can do?

I've also noticed that the app does not allow me to choose "Always Allow" for enabling geofencing. My only options are to "Allow while using the App", or "Allow Once".

Thanks for the support,

The iPhone has a couple annoying habits that may be causing your issue. The biggest of these is that it tries to force a capital letter at the beginning of any new field including passwords. I generally don't use a capital as the first letter, so I end up entering the first letter twice and then going back and deleting the first one.

As to the Geofencing click the allow while using, at some point in the near future it will come back and tell that the app keeps requesting access and let you change it to always allow. (You may also be able to go into the iPhone settings and adjust this after the initial response.)

@ thebearmay

Thank you! Turns out the username is case specific! by having a capital in my email address, i could not log into the app!

All good now. I'll try your suggestion for the geofencing. Thanks again!

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That's a tricky one to solve since "usually" an e-mail address is not case sensitive! Good catch!