Cannot log in to community from another PC

For some reason when I am trying to log in on another PC, after I log in it redirects to me to with a big long token and just a white screen. I cannot get past there. This is a nearly clean win10 install, tried Edge and Chrome and also incognito browser windows. Scared to log out anywhere else to test it...


We are able to replicate this and are investigating.


Exact same thing happened to me since December, which I reported to @BobbyD for review. Literally nothing** you can do from your end to solve, as far as I can tell.

See this thread on Discourse for comparison with your situation.

To which Discourse staff referred me to this (admin/server-side) troubleshooting guide: Debug and fixing common DiscourseConnect issues - sysadmin - Discourse Meta

**However, I was able to work around the issue by installing Google's new (free to One subscribers) VPN service, which instantly allowed me to resume logging into the Forum in Chrome.

This should be fixed. Can you confirm on your end?

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Working now, posting this from the PC I could not log in with before.