Cannot Include Enbrighten Outdoor Smart Switch

I installed one of these last December without any problem. Tried to include this one as a GE/Jasco model 14298 switch but include timed out without finding device. Reset switch to factory default per instructions and tried again but didn't work. Then tried a ZWave manual add but did not find this either.

I plugged switch in 3 different places and tried options listed above. First place was outlet about 10 inches away from Hubitat hub. Second place was outlet on outside wall about 3 feet away from Aeotec range extender on the other side of the wall. Third place was in my office less than 6 feet away from my Aeotec range extender. Nothing worked.

My first Enbrighten switch included right away as a generic Zwave switch and has been working fine for more than 1 year.

Any suggestions???

Have you tried excluding the device? And if so, did the hub exclude an unknown device? If not, then you may want to contact the manufacturer for a possible warranty claim.

I ran exclude but it ended and never gave any reply , so I just assumed it didn’t find anything to exclude

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