Cannot get new Zooz switches to pair

I'm in the process of replacing my older GE non Z-wave plus switches with z-wave plus switches. I took advantage of the sale this week at The Smartest House and bought some zen21, zen22 and zen23 switches. I've tried 3 different ones and cannot get them to pair. I tried moving my C5 hub about 10 feet away, no luck. I tried triple tap up, 5-6 taps up, a dozen taps up, nada. I tried to excluded them.. nothing found to exclude.

Tried a new GE in the same spot. Instant pair. Tried an Inovelli Black. Instant pair. Went back to the zooz. No luck.

Any ideas?

Did you exclude it even though it's new? It might have been tested in factory before it was shipped. If so and it still will not pair try to do a full reset on it. I had to do both with a ZEN30 and once I did it paired right up.

Yep - I tried to exclude it over and over... no luck.

factory reset them 1st. (wrong switch)

EDIT: by what this says that might be a problem for the Zen23's

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yeah was just going to respond I don't think that works for the toggles. Also he likely has V3 not V2.. even though V2 shows up everywhere. Not sure of the difference.

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Since you got them at The Smartest House, tagging @agnes.zooz to see what other options we have. They frequent the forums, and I'm sure they get it worked out for ya.


I have a bunch of the V3 Zen 23/24s installed at my clients house. Have been able to get things paired but it's been difficult. You might consider getting an Aeotec Z-Stick.. it allows you to exclude a device directly. Also can be used to remove ghosts from HE if necessary.

Note: thanks to the latest firmware updates ghosts are becoming less of an issue.

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its a veer 4.0

It is a Ver 4.0


I recommend getting in touch with our support so we can troubleshoot this for you with more detailed information. We'll do our best to make it work!


I will say your products and help have been excellent but the resources on your support site are a little crazy to navigate when looking for information on the specific version of the switch you want.

"" still shows V2 (U/L listed) on the product page when you are now on V4.

"" shows support for the V3 switch.

It's kind of a mess.

Note: the only reason I brought up U/L listing was I had to deal with a surly electrician who insisted on everything being U/L listed. When we made the large purchase of switches it was a festive experience getting him to install the switches since V3 and above aren't U/L listed.

Note2: I don't care that the products are not specifically U/L listed as long as there is some sort of national lab acceptance but others may have different opinions.

We update the devices more often that anyone else and it's a challenge to update multiple websites and sales channels while there are different versions available at the same time during transition periods. But we try and we're focused on bringing everything up to date now and hope to have it completed shortly. The most updated and accurate information will always be displayed in the product listing at the time of purchase while we're working on updating all of the other resources. Thank you again for your feedback!


I have been completely satisfied with the help you and your staff have provided both pre-sale and post.. my clients are happy.

Having easy access to online documentation would cut down on support inquiries I think and also save me some time. I am the first line of support for this stuff anyway.

Thanks again for your timely responses!


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Just wanted to post my own solution. When I read the directions it sounded like the 3 taps up had to be SUPER fast. So I was taping them 3-9 times SUPER fast... like a speed of 15-25 taps per second. Turns out it was too fast. I slowed down to about 3 taps per second and PRESTO!

@agnes.zooz is awesome BTW.

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I also took advantage of the sale and bought some Zooz dimmers. It took me a few tries to get the cadence down, but once I got the first one these are nice dimmers. I may start going through and replacing my GE switches next. I'm really liking Zooz products.


Remember that to get at all the functionality of the latest Zooz switches, use the drivers at instead of the built-in Zooz Central Scene Switch/Dimmer drivers.