Cannot Edit Lock Code Condition

I was attempting to create a new RM 4.0 rule with a trigger of "lock code changed" and when I attempt to edit the condition to set it to the particular lock code that I want I receive the following error.

java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Command 'currentValue' is not supported by device. (selectConditions)

I was able to create the same rule in RM 3.0 without issues, so it seems like this may be a bug in RM 4.0, tagged @bravenel for further feedback.

If this is from the automatically created condition, it is a known bug. This is corrected in the upcoming next release. Lock code triggers should not have an automatically created condition.

So I also noticed that even if I try to create a new condition I still receive the same error. It basically breaks the rule, because every time I go back to actions I receive the error.

Yes, the bug breaks rules that have Lock Code triggers. It's fixed, but in the next release. Actually, the rule should still work. I can't tell right now as I'm running on the fixed version.

I figured it was part of the same bug, thanks.

That release must be getting