Cannot delete a driver code

So playing around I installed the driver code [Intermatic PE653 Pool Control System v3.03 ] trying to delete it i get 'Referential integrity constraint violation: "FK_HS4W547FIMWHJI3BGM33PM9PX: PUBLIC.DEVICE FOREIGN KEY(DEVICE_TYPE_ID) REFERENCES PUBLIC.DEVICE_TYPE(ID) (257)"; SQL statement: DELETE FROM DEVICE_TYPE WHERE ID = ? [23503-197] ' and it wont delete any help appreciated


You have a device using that driver that's why. Remove the device or Change the driver of that device first then delete the driver code.

And this is the device ID.

Ahhh Haaa thanks sorted, it's a learning curve :slight_smile:

There is a device driver named "Device" It doesn't appear to do much. I use it when I have a device installed and still playing/ changing the driver.

Not 100% sure its intended use.


"Device" is probably not even a real driver BUT it functions like a do-nothing driver.

When I'm experimenting, I too will set a device to use the Device driver.

device is in fact a real driver, and yes, it does nothing

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