Cannot create new/rename/delete Modes

Trying to do so, but nothing happens - neither can add, neither can rename, delete. Clicking buttons, page gets refreshed and then no change - 4 persistent modes: Away, Day, Evening, Night.

Help what is going wrong?

Check the doc and try again. Let us know if that helps.

Thanks for the reply. I'm doing it exactly as shown (pretty basic to do it wrong), but neither wants to update names, neither to delete, neither to add new mode. And yes, I click the buttons too :wink:
Not working on Firefox+BigSur Mac OS, but done it with no problem with Safari browser.
Might be some sort of browser incompatibility.

Thanks for the update. There are browser issues that can be difficult to resolve when not reported. Much appreciated.

[Edit] Just tried this in the latest Firefox 84.0.2 on Big Sur 11.1 and it works. Are you using a new Mac with an M1 processor, or is it an Intel processor?

Thanks for the care - in Samsung forums I never got answered :slight_smile:
Seems it is some sort of addon/cookies mix as starting in private mode (btw same addons enabled) I can do all actions with modes with no problem
Update I found it - the addon "Translate Web Pages" was the problematic one, disabled it and all is OK.

It is Mac Pro 2016 13" Intel 2.9Ghz , not new ARM M1.
Firefox latest version 84.0.2
Big Sur 11.1