Cannot create button controller: element missing in UI

I'm trying to add a new button controller but, after I have selected the button in the UI, no additional UI appears.
The button is a smartthings button.

p.s. it would be nice to have a feature in the APP/Device UIs to download all the relevant debugging data, minus PIIs, to a JSON file that we can attach here, to avoid the images below :smiley:

What browser are you using? It's working fine for me on Chrome browser.

Then this smartthings button is the HSM button?

That name to me implies that you are not directly using this button, and instead using HSM as a button?

What does the smartthings button look like on the device settings page? (Screenshot) Does that work properly from that page?

I'm also experiencing the same problem(Action select box is missing if trigger is Button device) on one of my 2 hubs and I always use Chrome browser.

@dwery, a couple more questions. this is Button Controller? Did you try Rule Machine or any of the community apps like Advanced Button Controller (I highly recommend ABC by the way) ?

And @aryvin, you are using Rule Machine or Button Controller. It isn't quite clear which. And I guess same question as above, did you try a different app or method and see what happens?

I was using RM with Button Device as a trigger which should open advanced version of Button controller and the problem occurs only with C5 hub. My C4 hub doesn't have this problem. If I use Button as a trigger in RM everything is Ok

Do you need the advanced features in Rule Machine, or could/did you try Button Controller or the other community apps?

If you can reproduce this and narrow it down, we probably should tag Bruce to look at this.

No implications, I just called it that way because I want to use it to control HSM.
The device itself works nicely, I used to use it with the older button controller 1.6.

Both Chrome and Safari.

Just pulled up RM via my iPhone and created a button device from one of my Smartthings buttons and everything seems to be working fine for me.

If you go back to the device details what is selected in the “type” drop down?

(Mine is set to “Samsung Zigbee Button”)

Interesting. I tried RM "button" and "button device" as a trigger on chrome and firefox on my Android and windows pc with no issue. Same as button controller. On both my C4 and C5. With a Samsung Zigbee button as a driver for my Samsung buttons.
Latest firmware. Which version are you guys on?

Rev C-5 running

I've figured out what is the problem and it's very weird. Looks like it depends on type of Button selected for Button device. For example, I have 4 buttons: Innovelli red series dimmer and switch plus 2 Iris buttons. If Innovelli dimmer is selected then the action list is shown normally. In case of Innovelli switch or Iris button the action list is missing. Bruce @bravenel can you take look at this?

Not without knowing what the driver is and what capabilities it exposes.

For Iris button driver is Iris Button Controller and for Innovelli switch is Innovelli Z-wave Smart Scene Switch S2

@bravenel in my case is the Samsung Zigbee Button driver

I'm not able to reproduce any problem with this, with either Button Controller or Rule Machine.

Is your device configured? On the device page, does it show numberOfButtons ?
Screen Shot 2020-11-25 at 5.07.06 PM


Current States

  • battery : 92
  • doubleTapped : 1
  • held : 1
  • pushed : 1
  • temperature : 22.24

The event log shows events correctly

It's missing the numberOfButtons attribute.
Did you manually change the device to this driver?

You can change to the virtual button driver, update the number of buttons preference, then switch back.

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