Cannot configure

I am trying to setup my HSM, I have a smartthings door sensor and a smartthings motion sensor. When I try to configure HSM nothing happens when I click any of the intrusion tabs. What am I doing wrong?


I guess I am placed on hold and cannot upload screen shots. I am new to the site

I can see a screenshot of a motion sensor settings page.

If you can’t post a screenshot of what it looks like when you open the HSM configuration page, do you mean that literally nothing happens each time you click one of the intrusion tabs? That should open a new page with the settings for that intrusion mode.

Have you tried removing and reinstalling HSM?

I have tried to remove it and it won't uninstall for some reason

well I just had a break thru it is my web browser. I can do everything I need in firefox but not explorer thank you for responding to my question