Cannot add device to Homekit Integration

I am trying to add an outlet to the Homekit integration and it is not working. The outlet will not show up in Home app no matter how long I wait. This is what I did.
Went to Homekit integration, checked the box for the outlet. Clicked done. Went to Home app and waited for it to show up in the default room but it never did. I noticed that all the devices added to Homekit integration show "in use by" Homekit Integration on the device page. This outlet does not show Homekit integration "in use by" on the device page. I believe it should show "in use by" like the rest of the devices do. I have also restarted the Homekit integration with no joy.
Any help would be appreciated.

I've noticed that all of a sudden devices added to HomeKit don't show in the default room. It shows in my den, where most of my hubs reside. Not at all sure why, but check all your rooms individually to see if the device was planted elsewhere.

Funny too, regarding the devices showing HomeKit integration. . . I have 4 Hue outlets, 3 have been in use for a while now. All three show "Homekit Integration" in their "In use by" field. But the 4th outlet installed a month or so ago doesn't show the same in the "In use by" field, though I've had it running to shut off my coffee maker automatically for quite a spell (it also shows in HomeKit).

Since Hue has updated their hub software to be more of a full home security, I tend to suspect that as the reason for what I'm experiencing. THen again, the older outlets were installed with a prior version of the HE. FWIW.

Thank you for your input. I found the outlet in the Kitchen. I have since moved it where it belongs.