Cannot access multiple hubs with new app

I uninstalled, and reinstalled the latest Hubitat Elevation app. I have multiple Hubitat devices registered. Currently 2 online. The old app can access/find without a problem. Launch the new app and while it sees the other Hubitat device, it shows them unavailable.
The two circled in red are both online. The C8P-ha-02 is working, The C8-ha-01 is online, accessible localy and remotely, just not with the new app.

I also tried the find hubs option. When clicking "search" the app crashes.

If you go to > Registered Hubs and then "Hub Details" for this specific hub, when is "Last Checkin"?

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At this moment, it is:

  • Last Checkin: 07/04/2024 - 03:04:58
    As mentioned, the old app works fine.
    I should add the the old app works as expected. :slight_smile:
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[Moving to Beta]
App version appears to be the latest available on Google Play, and is version: 2.0.1 (237)

Installed 2.0.1(239) today, and I can now access the other hubs.
"Find Hubs" has some weird behavior. It appears as if it crashed or closed the app however, if you look at the minimized apps it is still running, and if you open/resume, it then launches/opens the hub you selected from the "Find Hubs".