Cancelling timed off Worktop lighting


  1. Worktop light switched on via dashboard (No activity in kitchen)
  2. App sets off timer for 1 hour hence (11:47)
  3. Activity in kitchen, All activity ceases, app sets timer for 10 minutes and sets new off timer for 1 hour hence (11:57)
  4. 10 minute timer completes and worktop light switched off (11:07)
  5. Off timer completes at 11:57, light not switched off as already off.

My question is, should the 1 hour (11:57) timer have been cancelled at step 4.

I'm not overly familiar with the Room Lighting app, but it appears that your options for turning off are an ANY statement. So, any of those will turn off the lights. It doesn't process them in order like Rule Machine. I think you would just want one "means to turn off" with "motion sensor inactive for 10 minutes" and options to delay the turn off and what-not.

Thanks for the answer.

I will have just one means to turn off as suggested.

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